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There are thousands of scripts you could use to talk to prospects, and each one works for someone… but none of them works for everybody. Why? Because everyone’s personality is different, and each of us needs to magnify our own strengths when dealing with other people.

As a child, each of us learned to interact with other people and get what we want. We learned how to communicate our feelings effectively and even ways to persuade others to our point of view. These are the very same skills you will use when talking to prospects about the business or the package.

The problem most networkers run into is trying o follow a script that simply DOES NOT FIT THEIR PERSONALITY! For example, someone with a very stern, respect-commanding personality can simply “intimidate” prospects into checking out the information in a timely manner. They might spend all of 2 minutes on the initial call, doling out orders. But someone like me (a bubbly, casual, spontaneous - type person) could never dream of getting away with that kind of language when talking to someone. They would simply laugh me off the phone. I have to spend AT LEAST 10-15 minutes on an initial call (preferably more) and make a friend. If I can connect with them on an emotional level, they will do whatever I ask them to do, but I have to ask…. not just tell. That‘s my personality, and that what works for me.

So the biggest question is…. WHAT IS YOUR PERSONALITY??? What are you comfortable with? The very best thing you can do is to read all the script you can get your hands on and see what phrases and approaches feel the most “natural” to you. You may find a way of saying things that fits you perfectly, but then again, you may not.

Regardless of which script you are reading, there is a basic outline in every one of them that is always the same. Here are the essential steps:

  1. Ask them what they want
  2. Tell them what you’ve got
  3. Give them an assignment
  4. Set up a return call

Okay, now that I’ve totally oversimplified it, I’ll explain each step a little better…

1) Ask them what they want - The very first thing you do after you’ve introduced yourself and made sure they are who you are supposed to be talking to is to ask them why you are on the phone together. WHY are they looking for a home biz? How long have they been looking? Is this the first one they’ve ever done? Their answers to these questions will set the tone for the entire rest of the call.

Let’s say you ask them why and they said “Because I want to retire in 5 years and live on the beach sipping daiquiris.” Well, that person just told you in that one little statement, everything you need to know to close him or her. That person is interested in MONEY….. And lots of it. They are hard workers, and will put in whatever time it takes to achieve their goal. They are workaholics… real go-getters. So what would you want to concentrate on when talking to this person? MONEY. You would tell him or her all about the fact that there is no cap on their income… they can make all the money they want by simply putting in enough time. You want to focus on financial stability and independence… that’s what they care about. Would you spend 10 minutes talking about how much more time they will have to play with their kids instead of work? Probably not…. That’s not what motivates them.

On the other hand, let’s say you got a different answer. Let’s say she told you “I want to be able to stay home with my kids”. Well, this person has a whole different set of motivations. She wants to spend time with her children… she wants to work as little as possible, but still be able to pay the bills. Your conversation with her would need to focus on all the time and freedom she will have and how easy it is to pay the bills with such little effort in this program. Would you concentrate on how easy it would be to become a millionaire? Or how she could work 10 hours a day and retire in 5 years? ABSOLUTELY NOT. She could care less about that stuff. That’s not what motivates her.

So asking questions and finding out what your prospects want at the very beginning of the call is CRITICAL!! You can only tailor the call to fit what they need if you know what those needs are. So ask the questions. … and DO NOT GO ON TO THE NEXT STEP UNTIL YOU GET A SATISFACTORY ANSWER!! (If you ask the a question and they give you a “uh-huh”… rephrase the question and ask it again… or ask a different question until you can actually get them to open up and talk to you. This is supposed to be a 2-way conversation… not just you preaching a script at them and them never talking.)

Tell them what you’ve got - Start by validating their own motivations (“Yeah.. I can understand wanting to stay home with your kids… that was one of my motivations too”), and then tell them how you found this and why it excited you. They just shared personal information with you… it’s only fair that you share a few things about yourself too. They will begin to see you as just like them… a human who has dreams and aspirations too. You need to make a real connection with them.. Fast…. Because you will not be the only person calling them. Their name has probably been sold to dozens of other networkers already, and who knows how many other forms they’ve filled out on the internet. You have to be different and set yourself apart from the last guy who called and the one who will call after you. Will they remember you when you call back in a few days? They will if you take the time to make a connection.

Next, tell them about what you have to offer them. Build value. Why is it the greatest thing since sliced bread? Why will it be perfect for them? How will it help them meet their goals? Give them just a brief overview of the product and opportunity to whet their whistle. Just enough to get them excited so they'll want to look into it further.

Give them an assignment - Here’s where you give them the conference call, the list of vacations, the overview or company profile…. Whatever you want them to check out before you speak again. This is their homework assignment. This is how they prove they are serious and worth your time to work with. Rule of thumb…. Don’t ever give them more than 2 pieces of info to check out at a time. For some reason, which I will never understand, if you give them 3 or more things to look at, they will never do any of them. But if you only give them one or two, you have a much better chance of getting them to do them. I guess they get overwhelmed or something. I’m not sure… I just know that it is true. So as a general rule, I only give them 1) something to look at, and 2) something to listen to. So I’ll usually give them the conference call and the printed overview.

Set up a return call - Pretty self-explanatory…. You simply need to set up a time to follow up to see if they have any questions. Easy enough, right? Well, not exactly…. You see, this is one of the most important parts of the presentation call, and the part that most people have trouble with. Why? Because it’s a miniature “close”. The problem lies in that everyone has a different comfort level in how they ask people to do what they want them to do…. And if you are uncomfortable at all, the prospect will hear it and the call will end terribly. So how do you overcome it? Find the most comfortable way FOR YOU to set up the return call. Here are a few examples of what can be said to show you what I mean:

“Check it out and get back with me immediately so we can get you started.”

“Call me as soon as you’ve completed these two things, and have your questions ready. I’ll go over them with you then.”

“Take a look at the information, and I will give you a call back on Saturday… would morning or afternoon be better for you?”

“If you have any questions, feel free to call me. If I don’t hear from you… I’ll give you a call this weekend to answer your questions, okay? What would be the best time to reach you?”

“Would it be okay if I give you a call back sometime next week to see if you have any questions I can answer for you?”

“When would you like me to check back with you to see if you have any questions?”

All of the above phrases work, but each person usually finds that one of them works better than the other, for their particular style and personality. Find what is comfortable for you. Just make sure you leave the door open to talk to the prospect again… because follow-up is EVERYTHING. It will take 3-4 calls to get their business… so if you don’t set up a follow-up call, you will never get the sale.