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Directions on how to use the following documents are given on the weekly Business to Business Training call with Scot from Arizona. Please see the www.officialcoastaltools.com site, under the tab 'Important Numbers' for the current day and time for this call.

B2B 5-01-071

B2B desciption pg-3 of proposal-Generic

B2B Proposal 5-01-07

B2B Proposal 5-01-072

B2B Proposal 5-01-073


B2B Proposal 5-01-074

B2B Proposal 5-01-075

B2B Proposal 5-01-076

Coastal for Business cover

Hottest Marketing B2B Cover 10-3-07

Punch Card Front

Punch Card Back

Certificate Redemption Generic
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Retail Material Packet