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What is a Fast Start Book?

A Fast Start book is an optional training supplement you may choose to offer your new Associates to help them get started faster. It usually includes ads, flyers, examples of marketing ideas, scripts, articles, forms.... basically anything you might want to give your new person. With this new support website, there isn't a whole lot left that people don't have instant access to, but there's still something special about getting something in print, already put together, that they can sit and flip through over breakfast. It is also a great recruiting tool to show someone a Fast Start book and let them see the type of training and support offered if they were to join with you.

One more way we often use the Fast Start book is as a carrot to get people to join. For exmaple, let's say that someone has given their verbal agreement to get started, but has not yet put the check in the mail. You can say, "David, Let me get your shipping address so I can go ahead and put your Fast Start book together and get your shipping label ready for it so that when your payment arrives it will be ready to go out." Now, let's say, completely hypothetically of course, that a whole week passes and the check doesn't show up. It's awkward to call up and say "Where's my money?" It is much more comfortable to say, "Hi David, I was just calling because I just noticed your Fast Start book is still sitting here...."

See the difference? Now you have some negotiating ability. You have held up your end of the bargain by assembling his Fast Start book, but he hasn't held up his by mailing the payment. It gives you a polite way of asking him where the money is.

Plus, it gives your new Associate who may be "organizationally challenged" a wonderful, organized reference book they can use immediately instead of having to dig through the entire website to find all the little pieces and and put it together themselves.

Prepare for a successful business by setting up a Fast Start book to use a quick reference look-up for your new associates or for yourself. You will need a 3 ring binder that you can put the most commonly used business documents in. This allows you the flexibility to stay mobile with your business even when you don't have access to a computer. Setting up a binder will act as a 'back-up' for all pertinent information especially if you do not have access to a computer or even if you are the type of person who just likes to refer to information on paper.

You will need a binder and tab dividers to organize your Fast Start book. Just print off each document and put them into the following categories::

Section 1: Quick Reference Section 2: Leads & Sample Marketing Section 3: Scripts & FAQ Section 4: Tools & Articles Section 5: Forms Section 6: Testimonials

Section 7: All of the Fax On Demand Documents
( you can get them from www.coastalincome.com/sample on the "Support System" page. Just print them all off and put them in here.)

Section 8: 90 Day Plan & Goal Sheets

You may also want to burn a few good training calls onto a CD to include with your Fast Start book. This helps your new associate get into the habit of listneing to postive personal development audios when they are doing dishes, fixing dinner, or driving in the car.