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What is a "Pipeline"?

A "pipeline" is a term we use in sales and networking to descrive the process we bring our potential clients through. Here's an anology that will make it clearer..

Imagine a long, green, garden hose. Now imagine you have a bucket full of hundreds of little marbles. Your job is to put those marbles inside that garden hose one at a time, until they finally emerge on the other end of the hose. How long will it take to get one of those marbles to pop out the other end? Depends on how fast you shove more new ones in. Will they eventually come out the other side? Simple physics says YES, THEY WILL! So the only way you could fail at your marble job is if you quit putting marbles in before they finally reach the end, right?

Okay, that is exactly how your Coastal business works. You have a list of leads. That's your bucket of marbles. Each person you make a presentation to and send them to get additional information is a single marble you have shoved into the hose. You have to put hundreds of people through the information-gathering process before they start popping out the other side as a sale. Will you get sales? Simple physics says YES, YOU WILL! The only way you can fail in your Coastal business, is if you stop putting people through the process before you have talked to enough people to have someone pop out the other side.

So when you hear us talking about your "pipeline", imagine the garden hose and the bucket of marbles. If you have put a lead into the process, they are now part of your pipeline.Make sure you continually follow-up with them, either through individual emails, phone calls, or autoresponder campaigns to keep them moving through the pipe.

Remember - "The Fortune is in the Follow-Up!"