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All of the following success coaches have been special guests on the Monday night Directors' Training Calls or have been speakers at the Coastal Training Seminars. They are familiar with our business model, and have helped thousands of directors with their free training and wisdom.

It is critical to your success that you get the personal development and business development that you need, to take your skills to the next level. That's what these people can do for you:

*Listed alphabetically by last name

Gary Coxe – A pilot and a millionaire, Gary Coxe has been featured numerous times on television and radio broadcasts, and is famous for teaching people how to overcome fear and "mental vertigo". www.garycoxe.com

Ellie Drake – Ellie can help you grow in any of the following areas - Motivation, Balance, Overcoming Fear, Belief, and many techniques that will dramatically increase your profitability. Your confidence in yourself will increase to a point where your fears regarding your business will become insignificant. www.braveheartproductions.com

Todd Falcone – Multi-millionaire and author of The Fearless Networker newsletter, Todd has over a decade of in-the-field Direct Sales and Network Marketing. He brings his own style of in-your-face, candid motivation and training to the table. His energy is contagious! www.toddfalcone.com

Doug Firebaugh – Speaker and author, Doug has a spirit and way of teaching that really builds excitement to reach for the top! When Doug speaks, everyone listens! Catch the passion - www.passionfire.com

Tom Goetschius – Tom is among the elite of sales and management trainer/consultants in the Resort Development Industry. He holds the prestigious "Registered Resort Professional" designation, the highest recognition bestowed by the American Resort Development Association (ARDA). His seventeen-year career in the resort industry has provided him with successful hands on experience with everything from salesperson to sales manager and project director. He is the industry's undisputed authority on the leading edge "Relationship Approach To Sales", which is described as non-manipulative, non-self serving and life enhancing. Tom also provides certification in Management Research Associates’ (MRA) Personality Profiling Technology. www.tomgassociates.com

Dani Johnson – Multi-millionaire Business Coach, Dani built her fortune here in the home business industry and has special advice based on her vast experience that applies specifically to us. Learn from someone who has been there and has the roadmap to success ready to hand to you! www.danijohnson.com

Pat Mesiti – Pat Mesiti is one of the world’s most celebrated and gifted speakers. Fast becoming known as ‘Mr. Motivation’, he is a highly effective communicator and an income acceleration coach. He is not only an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker; he is also an entrepreneur who has built many successful businesses, including two of Australia’s largest youth organizations. Pat knows firsthand how to equip and empower individuals and businesses to achieve their fullest potential for growth and prosperity. His passion is to equip and empower individuals and businesses to experience growth and prosperity to its fullest potential. His expertise is to shift mindsets and to build bigger people who in turn produce greater results. www.mesiti.com

Michael Oliver – Author of the best-selling book, "Natural Selling", Michael Oliver focuses on how to create meaningful connections through conversation that will naturally lead to more sales and better relationships with your future business partners. www.naturalselling.com


Ron Mueller, Home Business Tax Expert - Author of the best selling book, "It's How Much You Keep That Counts" gives you the secrets you need to know to legally reduce your taxes to the bare minimum. Did you know you can get Uncle Sam to cover your monthly business expenses? Find out how! Visit Ron's website today and get the resources and education you need. www.CoastalTaxSavings.com.