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Using Your Package

When you become a member of Coastal Vacations, you also become a member of several other companies as well. The purpose of the Coastal membership is to educate people on how to travel for wholesale, and give them all the option and resources they will need to get the very best prices. It is very important that you follow the instructions on the back of each membership card to get any applicable discounts.

There are both Contract numbers and Resource numbers on the back of some of these cards. A Contract number is a company that we have negotiated a special rate for Coastal clients, and you will need to give them the code or number on the card to get that discount. Resource numbers are simply other companies we have come across that offer good deals to the general public and they work with thousands of companies, not just Coastal. The Resource numbers are just there to give you a price reference and help you get more quotes to compare, but offer no additional discount to Coastal members. They often don't even know who we are, since they work with so many other clients. So please pay careful attention to the instructions on the back of the cards, and be sure to educate your retail clients about this as well, to avoid any confusion.

Here are the different ways you can use your Coastal Membership cards, as well as how to contact them in parenthesis:

Booking Condos:
  • Condo Resorts – Last minute condo inventory (call & online
  • Quest – Last Minute Condo Inventory. (call & use Quest ID#)
  • Doc#7 Condo Order Form - $20 activation, $19/pp/night. (mail)
  • Hotel Access – Last Minute Condo Inventory (online)
  • Theme Park Card - Condo homes in Orlando through Disney Ticket Vendor (call)
  • Bonus Vacations – Complimentary accommodations, condos available as an upgrade for a fee (mail in)
  • Coastal Travel Agent Program – Commissions for booking (online)
Booking Hotels:
  • Hotel Access Card – 50% off rack rate (online directory, say "Access Member")
  • Quest Hotels - 50% off rack rate (online directory, say "Quest member")
  • Hotel, Motel Resorts Card – 50% off rack rate (call)
  • See America - 50% off rack rate. Booklet directory (card on back)
  • Bonus Vacations – Activate certificates with $6.95. BEST DEALS!
  • Coastal Travel Agent Program– Commissions for booking (online)
Booking Flights:
  • Travel Card – Full Service Agency (call)
  • Bonus Vacations - Book through agent handling booking your accommodations (mail in)
  • Coastal Travel Agent Program– Lowest Published Price (online)
  • Airfare Coupon Book - $25-$100 off per ticket (Visit website listed in booklet)
Booking Car Rentals:
  • Car Rental Card - Visit the special website listed on the back of the card to register for each company. For example, for Hertz, go to www.hertzagents.com and register with the code on the back of your card. For Avis, visit www.avisawards.com and use the AWD code on the back, etc. (online)
  • Quest – Discounts on Alamo through membership. (see booklet)
  • Coastal Travel Agent Program – Commissions on bookings (online)
  • Golf Access International – Online directory. Use Golf Access ID#. (online)
  • National Golfer’s Network – Paper directory. Card on back side. (see booklet)
  • Dining Access – Print coupons and take them with you. (online)
  • Quest - Discounts at restaurants inside hotels (Show Quest card)
Theme Parks & Recreation:
  • Recreation Access – 2-for-1 and various discounts. (Online directory)
  • Theme Park Card – Call the numbers on the back of your card (call)
Giveaways & Incentives:
  • $1,000 Online Shopping Spree - Travel Gifts & Services Card - Order certificates for $6.95 (any quantity)
  • Coastal Vacations Card - Order vacation & cruise certificates for $6.95 (any quantity)

Keep in mind, that the Coastal Membership is an ever-changing, dynamic package. New vacations and membership cards are added at each training seminar throughout the year, and old vendors are sometimes replaced with new ones. The most current, up-to-date changes will always be posted here first, since this site is updated and edited directly by the Coastal Vacations Board of Directors and Leadership Council. You will want to check back often to find changes and new directions for using your Coastal membership, and pass the new information on to your retail clients as well.