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Warm markets are the “sweet spot” of marketing for new and established businesses. For the most part, they are considered "warm markets" because they come to you through a trusted referral. They have the need, they know what the need is, and they have been told they should talk to you.

Most people, don’t even know that they are surrounded by their warm market and that their first business leads are often one degree of separation away. (A degree of separation would be defined as someone who knows someone who knows you.) The person you know is actually a gateway to other people who you don’t personally know, but are still within reach. Talking to one friend who’s not even interested themselves might open up am entire “vein” of people that will join your business!

People who are one degree of separation away from you literally run into the thousands. I’m not kidding. You have access to thousands of people, and you’ve probably never really even thought about it. You just have to take the time to make your initial list and start making the contacts that will open those doors for you.

But wait….. I can hear some of you whining already… Are you one of those people who claim to only have a warm market of 25 people?

People who are one degree of separation away from you literally run into the thousands.

Making Your List

Make a list of your local family, friends and acquaintances, past and present. If you think back, you will find that there are many people who you have simply lost touch with. Pull out old family and personal directories for clues. Don’t just depend on your memory or you will lose many opportunities.

Think back through your old school connections. Classmates, roommates, frat brothers and sorority sisters, club members, teachers and professors, counselors, and other staff members

Pull out any church directories that you have and pay special attention to those who are involved in smaller groups that you probably know better.

What kinds of civic clubs are you in? PTA, Lions, Elks, Rotary, Kiwanis, and political party organizations all have a good number of participants.

Think through your business contacts for the last 5-8 years. Write down names and look up contact info. These are people that know your work ethic.

How about your neighbors and don’t forget about that neighborhood directory. Depending on where you live, this could be hundreds of people right there.

Now come up with a list of people that you know through your spouse’s family and their individual and personal friends. Though many of these names will be some you have already listed for yoursefl, there are probably some people that they work with, or are just personal friends with, that you don’t have written down yet.

What trades-people do you know who you do business regularly? They could have a special interest in talking with you since you are their customer and they would like to keep it that way.

Consider hobby groups, sports activities, other parents that you know through the kids' sports activities, golf buddies, etc

And lastly, don’t forget that incredible list of email addresses that you relay all those stories and jokes to every week.

Now that’s quite a few people. Consider how many people they know. This is the power of network marketing. If you know 200 people who only know 100 different people, that’s 20,000 people in your warm market. Out of that 20,000, chances are that there are going to be a bunch of immediate prospects that would fall into the warm lead category.

Developing your warm market

Now that you know where your warm market is, how do you get to them? Some of these people might be people you haven’t been in contact with in years. Depending upon the situation, it might be a wise idea to pick up the phone and make contact. Catch up with them and let them know what you are doing. Just remember to be diplomatic, natural, and reasonable. If someone hears from you for the first time in 5 years, chances are that they are going to be annoyed if you spend all of your 2 minute conversation talking about yourself and your business… but then have to go.

Sending a personal letter is also another way to communicate. Then give them a call a week or two later. Tell them about your new business, what you are doing with it, and let them know that you offer free initial consultations. Be sure to ask them to refer you though. Don’t take it for granted that they will know what you want. You might also consider offering a finder’s fee for every lead they bring your way that you close. It’s a very nice incentive to add to the personal favor you are asking.

Suggest to your friends that they set up a breakfast for you at their house, one where you will provide the food of course. Set it up as a presentation on seniors, about seniors, and Q&A regarding caregiving. Chances are that you will get quite a number of positive responses and this action alone will spread the word about you and your business.


Here is a great article by business coach Doug Firebaugh (reprinted exactly as he published it, with links intact)

"MLM Prospecting Reality"

MLM Prospecting Reality. It makes sense that if you are going to sell product or build a Downline, you must have folks to talk to, otherwise you will be in for a long drought of business.

Understand:: There is a Reason why the Last 3 Letters in Prospecting are ING! That means... ongoing... nonstop... fluid... unceasing... continuous... constant... engaged... get the Picture? Prospecting is a Continuous Process of finding people to Talk to about your business and your Products.

Now the Question is: Where do you start looking if you are new? Your sponsor should help you with that. But as a review: There are 4 kinds of Markets in your world:

  1. HOT Market - People you are closest to... friends and family you talk to daily or at least a couple times a week... folks who will help you out no matter what.
  2. WARM Market - People who you are close to, and who you care about, but maybe see them on a less frequent basis than your Hot Market.
  3. LUKE-WARM Market - Professional contacts, Social contacts, People you know and occasionally see.....and referrals from folks who you know.
  4. COLD Market - People you Don't know.

What you need to do is make a list of 100 people you know. Use a memory jogger. See your upline as your company should have one.

Stop looking for people who only want to Sell! .Start Looking for people who want to earn an Extra income. People have dormant dreams and there are many psychological factors involved in why they have not obtained them. Most need and want extra money. Show them how they can obtain their dormant dreams with your Network Marketing company. Look for people who WANT to do this business, not just the ones who NEED it! Beware of folks who are looking for that "Get Rich' deal. Desperation in folks is not a good quality to bring into this business. People rarely follow desperate people.

There is a HUGE difference between a Prospect, and a Project. A lot of folks come into this business and they end up being a Welfare Project for the sponsor. They end up making the sponsor do the work and drain valuable time and emotions from people. Understand: This is not Net-Welfare Marketing, .but Net-WORK Marketing! You should prospect for those who do work and have a history of it. If they don't, it's Project time for you!

Create more Leads than you can call on! - "How to Create a Prospecting Tidal Wave" Training series

Use what we at PassionFire call the "5 Star Rule'....look for those MLM Prospects who are...

  1. At least 25 years old or older. This age seems to be the age of where this business is considered more seriously and approached more maturely. There are exceptions of course.
  2. Married (preferrably happily!)This creates a team effort in a lot of instances which is one of the TRUE Hidden Secrets of Success in MlM. It is a great Synergy.
  3. Parents.The responsibilty that comes with children can be transferred to this business. And Parents do want to provide a great Life for their Kids.
  4. Employed with at least 25,000 dollars a year.. Being employed shows that there is a good work ethic and an income that can help support the business as it is being built..
  5. Homeowners. This shows stability and responsibility plus a good eye for the future. Sshow them how to pay off their House early.

The "5 Star Rule" is a HOT way to Ignite your brain with who first to call on in your mlm business . Also, there is what we at PassionFire call the "D2 Principle" in Prospecting. Look for those who are:

  1. Dissatisfied.There is no better person to talk to about this business than someone who is dissatisfied with their current life, career, job, situation. A Fire is smoldering in them but, .not only do they need to be dissatisfied, but also have...
  2. Desire to Change.There a lots of dissatisfied whiners out there who will never do anything to change or improve their situation. .Look for those who have a Desire to Change their situation. Ask.... " What are you willing to do to change that part of your life?" Their answer will reveal much.
Listen to what people say in normal conversation, about change and the things in life they want, but don't have in their life. Listen to people who talk about wanting to do something, but not sure what. .Listen for people who want to change their career, job, life. There is a Gold Mine for Home Business prospects there.

When Prospecting, push buttons to find out where a prospect is:

  1. The Entrepeneur Button. Are they interested in the business? Find out! Ask them.
  2. The Consumer Button. Are they interested in the Product to purchase?
  3. The Dud Button.Are they a dud? Just no interest? Great!!! Remember this: Every Dud knows a Stud! Get a referral from them. Ask: "If you were going to do this biz, who would be the first 2 people you would call?"
According to Webster's Dictionary..Prospecting is.

."Looking for Gold."

You have to DIG! As long as you have that focus and mentality, and understand gold runs in VEINS... you will have more MLM leads than you can follow up in your MLM and Network Marketing Success.

blessings... doug firebaugh / PassionFire Intl


(c) 2005 PFI / all rights reserved